Thursday, 21 May 2009

Haneke knocks it out....

...of the park according to our programmer, Jason Wood. HIDDEN was hailed a masterpiece and made over £1 million in the UK, a rare achievement for a foreign language film. After what many considered the misstep of his American remake of FUNNY GAMES, he seems to be back on form. I'll let Jason speak for himself:

The White Ribbon
The equal of anything Michael Haneke has made, The White Ribbon is set in a Protestant village in northern Germany on the eve of World War I. A series of disturbing and distressing incidents take place, which gradually assume the character of a ritual of punishment and torture. Beautifully composed in black and white by Christian Berger, this is a brilliantly executed and intellectually stimulating work that creates an air of mystery, suspense and dread from the very first frame. The film, like Hidden, is characteristic of Haneke in that it provides clues rather than answers. This is a rich and detailed work to be enjoyed on multiple levels; seeing it will be one of the essential requirements of the coming year.

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