Thursday, 17 September 2009

Cambridge Day 3

Today was the kick off to the Festival and I saw my first film: BIRDWATCHERS. A stunning film, heartbreaking, beautiful and dare I say it, important. We're showing this at the cinema.

There was a champagne reception at the bar, and then a screening of ARMY OF CRIME, which unfortunately I missed. The staff at the Arts Picturehouse are really an enthusiastic and creative bunch, and have made a series of short films with no budget, and are showing them tomorrow night. Check out the trailer here. It's genius.

Tomorrow I am working 4pm till closing time, so I'll be aiming to watch the restored version of THE RED SHOES which is playing as part of a Jack Cardiff retrospective.

If you ever wondered what a 70mm print looks like, check out the pic of the print of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS I found in the Cambridge projection room!

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