Sunday, 20 September 2009

Cambridge, Day 5: The Red Shoes

Today I saw Park Circus' restored and remastered digitised version of the classic THE RED SHOES. It was spectacular. The Jack Cardiff-photographed Technicolor just leapt off the screen, and the story, acting and mise-en-scene was not what I expected at all. This is one of those films that has been on my list of must-sees for years, and I just never got 'round to it. It was funny, moving, beautiful, and an invigorating, fast paced rollercoaster of a movie.

I probably won't have time to watch any other films tomorrow or Monday as I'll be working long hours at the cinema. I had a brief chat today with filmmaker Jon Amiel, who was presenting his new film CREATION. Nice guy, I always thought he was American!


  1. Sounds AMAZING! I'm in the same position as you regarding The Red Shoes. I love A Matter Of Life And Death and A Canterbury Tale but just never got around to The Red Shoes. I've heard that the Digital Restoration is fantastic - be great to see it on the Big Screen.
    Oh, is it true that Creation is struggling to find a USA distributor due to its "controversial" subject matter?!

  2. Jon Amiel directed the BBC 'Singing Detective'with Michael Gambon-the best thing he's ever done(I think).Do watch it if you haven't already.As the Red Shoes looks amazing non-digitalized,it will be something to see.A Matter of LIfe and Death is slightly superior(again,I think).
    I'm sure Creation will find an American distributor,if it's only for the East and West coasts.Remember the USA is far from a homogenous society