Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

Last night I realised we had hit a tipping point in our use of Twitter. Dozens of people who follow us on Twitter (and whom we follow) were in attendance at our screening of CASABLANCA, and the next morning there was a lively online exchange about the evening.

We only signed up to Twitter in January, but have found plenty to talk about with our 1,100-odd followers: films, projection, cake, programming and the quality of the sound. I also use it to point people in the direction of this blog (and will be doing it with this post as well). We try not to sell anything, as we have other channels for that. It's just about talking to our audience in an informal and fun way, and yes, we hope that as a consequence of this chat, you'll come to the cinema more often.

Some of the people we hear and get lots of love from are @nikkib, @LaGirafa, @caracourage,@mockduck; we appreciate the frequent visits from @laurencehill, and sarcastic comments from ex-staff members @dipperr and @rosielikescats. There are hundreds of others out there and the dialogue reminds us that you're thinking about us even when you're not in the building.

So as we turned 99 years old last night, the room was filled with people brought together by a technology only a few years old. The old and new metaphors could write themselves.


  1. ... And a mention in the Guardian's Guide, today, too! I'm afraid I don't Tweet, Book my Face or have a Space to call Mine... So, I haven't been able to hear all about just how good The (Digital) Godfather looks or sounds. Hoping to make it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  2. I've outed myself-can I sit in my favoured seat without guilt to see 'Godfather'on Monday?I can't do all those other things either,but hope for good things from the Horses' head-from Seat number A9