Saturday, 5 September 2009

Venice, Day 6 & 7

Unfortunately we got shut out of THE ROAD, so no review there. However last night I saw John Turturro's PROVE PER UNA TRAGEDIA SICILIANA, a documentary about his attempt to make a film in Sicily, the birthplace of his grandparents. It's a very personal movie, beautiful to look at, and I found it very moving. Its commercial prospects are limited however.

Courses continue non-stop and there is just too much information to even summarise here. Suffice to say that although many of the topics and information discussed here is familiar (digital cinema, public funding, cinema networks, etc) the real value is in the interaction between the 50 delegates - the amount of practices, good work and challenges really gives you tons of food for thought.

Tomorrow I am taking the whole day off and will be spending it on the Lido watching: CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, WHITE MATERIAL and Oliver Stone's Latin American doc SOUTH OF THE BORDER. Reviews to follow.


  1. Shame you missed out on The Road - sounds like a Duke's Film to me! I'm really hoping for good things from Capitalism: A Love Story... How do your fellow delagate's Cinemas compare with yours? What's the Independant Cinema experience like on the continent?

  2. Fellow delegates have that slightly off-kilter quality that people dedicated to cinemas seem to possses. But lovely and passionate. Wish I could bring them all home with me! The 'experience' is different from country to country - from France where it's basically a arthouse utopia, to places like Romania, which has been refferred to as a 'cultural desert'.

  3. Are you going to see Peggy G's modern art collection whislt you are there? Recommended. :-)