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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Free Sony Blu-Ray DVDs - closed now!

This blog is normally not where you come to enter competitions, but the prize is pretty good, so I thought I'd let you guys decide. Free stuff is always nice. Specially free movies.

Sony are going all out in trying to promote the new standard format for DVDs, Blu-Ray. They've launched a new website for their catalogue and new releases and they're enhancing all the new BLU-RAY DVDs with what they call MovieIQ, an interactive feature that allows you to gain insight into the movie as you watch it. I often find myself googling or IMDB'ing movies as I watch them at home, and this is like a natural extension of that.

Here's a demo of what it looks like.

If you want to try this out yourself, Sony are giving away a bundle of Blu-ray films including ANGELS AND DEMONS, THE INTERNATIONAL, CADILLAC RECORDS, RACHEL GETTING MARRIED, CASINO ROYALE and THE DA VINCI CODE. Ignore the dodgy Dan Brown titles and you got yourself a nice little collection there.

To win all you have to do is email with the answer to the following question:

- What is the name of the failed (but far superior) videocassette format from the 1980s, which lost the format war to VHS and is now used exclusively amongst professionals?

Good luck!

Sony Blu Ray website: SONY BLU RAY


  1. I know the answer!

  2. I've e-mailed the answer and my address to you!

  3. i know this one too, that makes us two pum pum pum.

  4. I seem to remember that our Next-Door Neighbours had one, back in the Early Eighties, while we had a VHS Top-Loader (about the size of a Single Bed.) Haven't adopted Blu-Ray as my format of choice yet... Should I?