Monday, 14 September 2009

UK Box Office 11-13 Sep

DISTRICT 9 held the number one spot for a second week in a row, proving you don't need a huge budget or big stars to turn a smart script into a hit. DORIAN GRAY opened in third place. SORORITY ROW, JULIE & JULIA and ADVENTURELAND all opened modestly, and Tarantinos' BASTERDS defies critics and a long running time to achieve almost £10 million at the UK box office.

Here's the breakdown:

1 - DISTRICT 9 (£1,183,457)
2 - THE FINAL DESTINATION 3-D (£839,881)
3 - DORIAN GRAY (£587,687)
4 - 500 DAYS OF SUMMER (£580,692)
5 - SORORITY ROW (£543,745)
6 - JULIE & JULIA (£467,522)
8 - ALIENS IN THE ATTIC (£262,874)
9 - FUNNY PEOPLE (£218,209)
10 - ADVENTURELAND (£209,343)


  1. District 9 fully deserves its position at the top - looking forward to seeing it again in October. Two decent, intelligent, Sci-Fi movies in a year (D9 and Moon) - who would've thought it?! Avatar will, now, probably be rubbish (remember The Matrix coming out just before The Phantom Menace?) Like the idea of your new "Did You Miss?" screenings - and at different times, too (not just late nights or 11am on a Tuesday!) Great for those of us that work odd shift patterns...
    On a technical/geeky note, your current Digital Presentation of Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 is one of the finest I've ever seen - up there (appropriately!) with Public Enemies.

  2. Good points there...we have a new programmer and she is very keen on getting more movies in - so look out not just for the Did You Miss category, but also additional shows she might drop in!
    I wish I could identify you, Binary S

  3. at a guess-front row,Mondays,a gentleman,
    ,Gawd Bless Him,who offers an elderly lady her centre(or center) seat of choice-I may be wrong,but I know he's a sci-fi nut.Just seen Mesrine,on a Tuesday,for complicated reasons,and I completely agree about the projection.I saw something(don't ask) at the Odeon last week and couldn't get over how scuzzy the film looked,apart from the usual snap,crackle and pop

  4. Well done, Anonymous! Are you the Lady in question?! I felt guilty about taking A9 as I know it's your favoured seat!

  5. yes!But guilt dosesn't come into the equation