Thursday, 3 September 2009

Venice Day 5

The pink building in the picture is my 'Pallazina' on the island. Not too shabby eh?

Saw my first MOSTRA screening today, Todd Solondz's LIFE DURING WARTIME. After the projectionists sorted out the out-of-synch subtitles and the rowdy crowd settled down, the hilarious film, which is a sort of sequel to HAPPINESS, played to continuous audience laughter. Solondz's style of sunny cinematography, upsetting subject matter and characters displaying complete lack of self-awarness makes for both disturbing and very funny comedy. Great turns by Ciaran Hands, Allison Janney, Ally Sheedy (yes, Ally Sheedy!) and Charlotte Rampling. Although inferior to HAPPINESS, I think it's a true return to form for this great director.

Will be trying to get into THE ROAD(which, like LIFE, features a performance from Omar from THE WIRE!) tonight at 10pm (should be a busy one) so will have review up tomorrow.


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